After a long hard winter, I washed my motorcycle and went to start the engine, and found the battery in my 2005 Yamaha VSTAR was about dead. I had it on the trickle charger for most of the winter, but eventually it had to die on me. For a six year battery, I guess it had a good life.

I thought I'd walk through the process of battery replacement since I had my camera handy. It's actually quite simple.

The tools you need for the job are:

You will not need to remove the seat to gain access to the battery. There is a battery compartment underneath the seat, on the right (The right side of the bike if you were sitting on it). You can access the cover to the battery compartment by removing the single 5mm Allen head screw. The right side of the cover pops off will a little tug.

After you remove the cover, you will need to remove the rubber restraining band that is securing the battery. Remove this by pulling on the bottom down and out.

Unplug the two wiring harnesses and unsrew the positive and negetive leads.

Remove the plastic harness plate by pulling it off.

You can now pull the batter completely out. Install a new battery by putting it in in the reverse order as battery removal.

The following pictures might help you out if you need a visual aid.